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Let the journey begin...


Ambient intro
Weird mixture of printer's noises, with strings & fat bass building up

Beyond Uranus
Total abstraction in this ambient atmosphere, nothing human beyond this planet

An abstract texture of layered crystal sounds with plenty of ambiance

An emotive slow theme, Vangelis like (electric piano and keyboards)

In Meditation
The title says it all, meditative instrumental (ethnic flute, synths, sitar)

Lava Lamp Part 1
Ambient meltdown with some percussion towards 1.50min

Lava Lamp Part 2
Largo ambiance with Brian Eno style electric piano

Lava Lamp Part 3
Hallucinating sonar lead sound governs this ambient piece

Lava Lamp Part 4
Echoing pungent synths slicing around the spectrum

Lava Lamp Vision
Mellow ambient theme with pads and synth leading you somewhere far

Mental Defractions
Pouring mercury through the brain cavities may sound and feel like this


Falling Deeper
Slow moving, haunting theme orchestrated with dark strings

Marc's Lullaby
A nostalgic, childish melody arranged with acoustic piano, spanish guitar & strings

My Invention

Sad in Venice
Walking along the Venetian streets with a sad feeling of lost and loneliness (Renaissance strings)

Soft Soul
A melancholic, but hopeful theme led by unusual combination of clarinet and analog synth and accompanied strings

Spring Time Is Coming
A serene, happy adagio theme almost Viennese (Piano, strings)


Calcutta Chromosome
A trance beat with table, flutes and synths

Midtempo synth led beat with Jazzy guitars

On The Dance Floor*
A very commercial disco song driven by fierce bass line, funky guitars, colored with unusual synth lines (Featuring the voice of Michael Wright)

The Way You Dance
A vintage disco track with brass, lead and funky guitars.

Waveform Dance
A frantic synth sequence with a hooky guitar theme on top. Strange fast beat