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Let the journey begin...


Ambient intro
Weird mixture of printer's noises, with strings & fat bass building up

Beyond Uranus
Total abstraction in this ambient atmosphere, nothing human beyond this planet

An abstract texture of layered crystal sounds with plenty of ambiance

An emotive slow theme, Vangelis like (electric piano and keyboards)

In Meditation
The title says it all, meditative instrumental (ethnic flute, synths, sitar)

In meditation part 2
This is a variation mix of the above title

Lava Lamp Part 1
Ambient meltdown with some percussion towards 1.50min

Lava Lamp Part 2
Largo ambiance with Brian Eno style electric piano

Lava Lamp Part 3
Hallucinating sonar lead sound governs this ambient piece

Lava Lamp Part 4
Echoing pungent synths slicing around the spectrum

Lava Lamp Vision
Mellow ambient theme with pads and synth leading you somewhere far

Pouring mercury through the brain cavities may sound and feel like this


Falling Deeper
Slow moving, haunting theme orchestrated with dark strings

Marc's Lullaby
A nostalgic, childish melody arranged with acoustic piano, spanish guitar & strings.
(Composed by Marc Forde, Produced by A. Terrano)

My Invention
Classical guitar solo piece inspired by Bach inventions. Warm sound, lush ambience

Sad in Venice
Walking along the Venetian streets with a sad feeling of loss and loneliness (Renaissance strings)

Soft Soul
A melancholic, but hopeful theme led by unusual combination of clarinet and analog synth and accompanied by strings

A serene, happy adagio theme almost Viennese (Piano, strings)


Calcutta Chromosome
A trance beat with tabla, flutes and synths. Overall the track has an asian/indian flavor

Midtempo synth led beat with Jazzy guitars

On The Dance Floor *
A very commercial disco song driven by fierce bass line, funky guitars, colored with unusual synth lines (Featuring the voice of Michael Wright, coproduced with Tom Linden)

The Way You Dance
A vintage disco track with brass, lead and funky guitars.

A frantic synth sequence with a hooky guitar theme on top. Strange fast beat


At The Court Of The Dragon
Deep dub with a Chinese theme
Do Do Do Dub Dub Dub
Quite a strange song, the lyrics of which are do do do dub dub dub, come and sit in my brain sofa
Dub In The Sky
A mixture of classic dub with some Pink Floyd flavors.
Giant Stepper
Strange combination of dub beat and melodica lead
Monsieur Dub
Melodica leads this one with a french flavor and a slow trancy dub beat.
The Italian Dub Guy
Chill to the dub rhythm with a rock guitar solo
The Mournful Sigh
Triphop beat immersed in a calm texture of synth, Rhodes and a little funky touch
The Right Dub
A dub arrangement with all that fat bass wrapped around
Tribute To Pablo
The nostalgic melodica float over the dub effects and rhythm
Acid trip-hop arrangement lead by Rhodes piano and Jazz guitar


Fly Butterfly
Ambient meets rock electronica a bit like Cocteau Twins would
Inevitable Transformations
Ambient mid-tempo electronica, Cocteau Twins like
May Love Be With You
Easy listening new age piece centred around soft guitar, pianos, strings and drums
Lush dark and relaxing dub track with whaling calls and deep bass line


Dorset Sunset Part 1
An open string guitar piece reminiscent of an ancient mariner working on the beach, includes sea waves recordings
Dorset Sunset Part 2
An evocative moving progression of guitar chords, relentlessly the human drama repeats itself over the centuries, like the tides
Mind's Hologram
Psychedelic textured synths driven by a soft & cute keyboard melody line
Pearl Lost In The Sea
Atmospheric piece reminiscent of deep ocean waters and sparkly pearls twirling down (Shells, acoustic guitar, effects)
Where The Eagles Fly *
Evocative lyrics reminding you of a vast mountain space. Andrea's inspiration behind this piece are his beloved Alps. (Featuring Ellie Gray)
Chelsea flowers
A gorgeous arrangement of instruments (not flowers!), suitable for an ad or possibly a gardening program. Instruments include Piano, acoustic guitar, hammond organ.
Where The Eagles Fly *
Evocative lyrics reminding you of a vast mountain space. Andrea's inspiration behind this piece are his beloved Alps. (Featuring Ellie Gray)

Exotic Lounge

Terra Muta
Brazilian backing track supported by guitar, bass and congas with a demo brass arrangement.
Dança De Esperança
Irresistible Brazilian arrangement with an exotic jazz lounge production (alto flute, jazz guitar and Rhodes piano)
Let the percussion drive you through this exotic house latin jazz track (Full beat, bass percussion, guitar & Rhodes piano)


This is a crazy mixture of Ska beat and french melodica and you may find some synth lines there too
Flute Freak
This flute part is done by recording a real flute and consequently altering the sound using our own secret techniques (drum, bass, synths, flute)
Lords of Atlantis
One of Andrea's old dub compositions fell down the oceans and this is what we hear from down there...
Nitorgen Robotic Poem
A robotic voice performs an peculiar biology script
No Tomorrow *
A hungry rock song with unusual melody and lyrics (demo)
Old School Jungle
A jungle beat with obsessive filtered synth sounds and a grinding percussion over
Tibetan Voices
Deep voices layered and weaved into a dark choir
Underwater Clowns

Clowns or whales? Whatever they are, deep under water. This track was originally made by layering different flutes lines and putting the whole mix through digital effect processors

Fun And Quirky

Cheerful Theme
A silly, but catchy little melody led by Flute, Vibraphone and topped off by Tambourine
Old School Funk
Strange combination of funky beat, phased out guitar and a gospel organ
Catchy guitar melody with full drum and bass arrangement and vocal effects
A quirky sad waltz led by Guitar and accompanied by accordion and trombone

Hip Hop/Trip Hop

Asian feel
A a rich hip hop crossover unusually produced with zither, mandolins in the verses and a touch of sensual voices for the chorus
Chill in C minor
Mid-tempo trip-hop tune, featuring spanish guitar and strings.
Big string theme with a classic break beat. On the chorus in comes an ethnic vocal sample. Unstoppable
I Love Your Hip
Old school hip hop beat with a jazzy feel (Electric guitar, Rhodes piano)
Japanese sounding plucked strings and samples with voices and lush beat production
Strange computer voice on the intro, followed by a fat beat and nostalgic synth line
Trip hop urban feel with a great Floyd like guitar solo


Done With Hit & Run *
A pop/R&B song with full arrangement including keyboards and wah wah guitar on chorus (Feat. Ginger Mackenzie)
Ethnic R&B
Ethnic R&B-A happy mid-tempo grove made of percussion and guitars and led by a light piano theme. It picks up energy on the chorus
I Love Sunshine
A vintage sounding soul song coloured by guitar and brass (feat Beth Sheba)
Rare Groove
As the title says, this instrumental has a rare groove feel like the vintage records of the 70's. (Guitars, wah wah, strings etc..)
Night whisper *
A fascinating love story unfolding through a contemporary jazz arrangement in the style of Koop (Feat. Ginger Mackenzie, co-produced with Jack Stephenson-Oliver)
Old School Groove
This beat was produced in the 90's, but using a 70's recording style. (organ, drums, bass, guitar, shakers...)
Signal Failure
A jazz ballad very moody and emotive. (Spanish guitar, alto sax, cellos etc..)
Recycle Ma' Wah Wah
An interesting mixture of funky beat and distorted jazz guitar. The rhythm is saturated with keyboards, wah wah guitars and later on you also get a St. Germain type of piano Rhodes solo.
A dark mellow jazz melody, guitar and piano.


Future's Bright
Led by an unusual combination of sound guitar and synth timbre, this track has a Pat Metheny influence in the rhythm (Feat. Davide Giovannini on drums)
Happy Hour
An old fashioned production with a catchy theme played by a bell/vibraphone sound. Percussion and organ color the arrangement.
A mellow love theme with guitars, voices and a dynamic piano part

Mixed Instrumentals

Halloween Chicks
A light pop rock 80's vibe, with guitars, piano and slap bass.
Don't Funk It Up
Dark, urban, funky and cool, do funk it up!
All Over
Layered mandolins, strings and spanish guitar set the intro leading up to a latin climax with full beat, flute and percussion
Guitar led melodies with a galloping vintage arrangement
Happy Ending
Relentless piano riff leads you to a catchy hook line played by guitar and synth together. Full band arrangement
A very chilled song led by saxophone, live strings and full band behind it
An electronica arrangement carried by trance like synth and regular drum machine. Sample Harp on the top line

So Smooth

Breakfast in Trieste
Soft piano and flutes for a magical intro turn groovy when the beat and guitar theme comes in
Groove based tracks led by a hooky guitar melody, topped up by a synth bell line
Mood recovery
Meltdown jazz track with Rhodes piano, guitar and muted trumpet (featuring Stefano Muscovi)
So Smooth
A smooth melody played on the harmonica starts and lays the foundation, then the beat comes in with brass and a catchy guitar theme. (featuring Stefano Muscovi)
Spirit of The Time
Piano chord stabs and up tempo drums carry the piece through. The rock guitar keeps the focus on the lead
Catchy tune led by jazz guitar and punctuated synth chords. A strong beat overall
New beginning
Another smooth lyrical soulful track injected with Andrea's typical warmth, melodic guitars and mellow groove. Led by nylon strung guitar.
Releasing every emotion into a calming moving guitar theme

Spanish Guitar

Morning Music
A catchy theme carried by the guitar with arpeggio accompaniment
Reflective atmosphere waved by subtle guitar lines and accompaniment

Titanic Pieces

The Stream
Andrea's own signature sound is clear in this recording. After the church bells begin playing the strings introduce in unison a hunting dark theme. Then before you know Mozart steps in, dancing over an urban beat...
White as Snow White
An urban hip-hop beat runs beneath this orchestral piece. The strings and the operatic voices set the mood of this atmospheric crossover.
Late Comes The Rescue
A classically orchestrated piece full of passion and drama, lead by voice and strings and complimented by wave effects, distant voices and strident metallic samples at the end.
The Sheltering Dugang
An oriental theme played on guitar and sampled Koto floats over an ambient choir, then the warmth of the spanish guitars takes you somewhere else
Titanic Mermaids

A sonar, radio messages, the Titanic is leaving the shore... then the dramatic string harmony begin and tell the story. Wait for the mermaids to sing to you at 1.40min, truly mesmerising atmosphere

Unconventional Covers

Jingle Bells (Traditional)
A crazy rock cover version of this traditional carol
Rock The Halls (Traditional)
A crazy rock cover version of this traditional carol
Ding Dong (Traditional)
A crazy rock cover version of this traditional carol
Liberian Girl (Michael Jackson)
A rare groove rendition of this popular song (Soulful voices, jazzy guitar and warm groove)
Blame It On The Boogie
(Michael Jackson)
A cool reggae version of this famous hit
Music And Me (Michael Jackson)
Reggae version of the jackson 5 hit
Off The Wall (Michael Jackson)
A dark dubby reggae version of the popular disco hit
Eine Kleine Nach Muzic (Mozart)
An unusual bossanova version of the classical theme from Eine Kleine Nach Muzic
Rock Metal meets Mozart themes..is it possible?

World, Ethnic and Folk

Trula love U
A cheerful reggae tune with a lot of bounce, drawing inspiration from the roots-reggae and ska from the 70's.
No mercy
Relaxed, happy and bound to make you smile, led by a cheerful melody on guitar, nice dub breakdown at 1.12
Blame It On The Ska
A speedy little ska rhythm with irresistibly catchy guitar and organ phrases. Cheerful overall
African percussion meets Klezmer Clarinet
Hopping Along The Meadows
A cheerful medieval folk theme performed by Guitar, Lute and traditional flutes
Inquisition Is On It's Way
A dark slow medieval theme led by lute and flute and accompanied by guitar. Bassoon also key element in the background
My Dvie' Guitary
A stomping arrangement carrying the rhythm under a russian theme played on acoustic guitar (melodica, bass, percussion, voices in the end)
A funny simple melody played by 2 guitars with a Brazilian feel
A percussion, a bass flute and a metallic synthesiser in the desert of Syria...
An Elizabethan traditional song performed by lute, guitar, bassoon, flutes and led by Voice (featuring Michael Circulus)


Rock Me Through The Night
A hard rock anthemic instrumental resembling the bands of the 80's. Heavy guitars, thumping bass, keyboards and live drums.
Rocky Sunshine
A rocky beat with grungy guitars and male backing vocals.
A Little Indulgence
An instrumental rock track featuring Andrea Terrano on guitar and bass and Richard Campbell on drums. Led Zeppelin, Van Halen influences are clear in this piece.
Sweet as rocket
A spacey rock tracks, with synthesiser sequences, guitars and a progressive live drum beat.