> Andrea Terrano

Andrea Terrano studied music since an early age and bought his first 4 track tape recorder at the age of 14 to develop his songs. Since a very early age he loved experimenting with sound. He recalls, for example hanging a microphone out of his bedroom window on rainy nights so that he could listen to the rain drops on his headphones whilst laying comfortably under the covers.

At 20 he moved to London to deepen his knowledge of music production. That move changed his life, as over the next few years he embarked on a number of exciting musical journeys, both as a musician and as a producer. He toured with a Russian/Gypsy/Klezmer band, worked with Jamaican and West African musicians both in studio and touring Europe and ultimately began to develop his own guitar based production style. Releases and sales occured particularly with instrumental guitar classic album Latin Soul (Just Music), Ministry of Sound compilation credits and many moreā€¦